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Variomag® TELEdrive 1 M Stirring Drive (drive only)

VMF 40155
-Cable Length:
2.0 m (78.0")
  • CE
-Compatible Control Units / Power Supplies:
  • Variomag® TELEcontrol 10W Control Unit
-Dimensions (w x d x h):
83 x 83 x 25 mm
-Drive System:
Variomag Inductive Drive (maintenance & wear free)
-Electrical Data (input):
48 VDC (maximum)
  • Remote Controlled
  • Single Point
  • Submersible
  • Small Volume
  • Compact, space saving, and ultra flat
  • Chemical, heat, and pressure resistant
  • Designed for chemical, biotechnical, and medical applications of all kinds
  • Developed for hard lab use and uncompromising continuous operation
  • Dust, maintenance, and wear free
  • Long life quality and durable robust construction
  • Low energy consumption and minimal heat emission
  • More stirring power than conventional stirrers
  • No bearings, belts, pull magnets, motors, or other moving parts
  • Self stabilizing and synchronized speeds at all stirring positions
  • Motorless and noiseless
  • Lab bench or robot integration
-In The Box:
  • Stirring Drive
Stainless Steel
-Maximum Stirring Speed:
for use with Variomag TELEcontrol 10W Control Unit (with maximum of 1,200 rpm)
-Maximum Stirring Volume (per stirring point):
2,000 ml
-Operating Conditions:
-10°C up to +50°C (at 100% humidity)
-Protection Category:
IP 68
-Stirring Points:
-Stirring Power Options:
10 watts (maximum)
-Stirring Speed Range:
for use with Variomag TELEcontrol 10W Control Unit (with range of 120 - 1,200 rpm)
-Stirring Volume Range (per stirring point):
1 - 2,000 ml
-Weight (gross):
approximately 0.45 kgs (0.99 lbs)
VMF 90410

Typically in stock and ready to ship.

Price optimized universal control unit designed for use with/connection of one (1) Variomag TELEdrive Stirring Drive. Ideal for small to medium stirring volumes.

Strong universal control unit with digital display designed for use with/connection of one (1) Variomag TELEdrive stirrer (all except MTP). Ideal for a wide range of stirring applications, from small to large stirring volumes.

External control unit for use with the following stirring drives: