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The BenchMate C8 Micro Centrifuge enhances scientistsresearchwith user-friendly features, safety-oriented technology and a robust design. The unique closed rotor for quiet operation, carbon dust insulation and safety drain for easy liquid drainage makes this unit the most advanced micro centrifuge on the market. You will now have a quite micro centrifuge that you can easily clean if one of your samples spills, while still being able to do all of your work up to 6,000 rpm/2,000 x g speed.



The BenchMate Clinical or Doctor Centrifuge is designed for a variety of clinical and blood applications/laboratories such as PRP (platelet rich plasma), PPP (platelet poor plasma), pathological labs, hospitals and medical practitioners as well as otherdiagnostic applications in the clinical or research laboratory. The control panal of the centrifuge features easy turn knobs and large digital display for time and speed.




The BenchMate C12V Micro Centrifuge simplifies centrifugation for the customer. This compact, easy to use centrifuge comes with anintuitive, simple interface for quick and convenient setting adjustments. Allcentrifugation protocols can be performed up to the Max Speed of 15,000 rpm (15,595 x g) while having the abilityto store 99 programs with 4 lines per program. You can also store, view and run all of your programs on a computer through a USB port. 




PRC Strip Rotor (2 x 8 x 0.2 ml tubes)

For the BenchMate C12V Micro Centrifuge