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Nasco / Whirk-Pak

Whirl-Pak® Stand Up Bags


Whirl-Pak® Standard Stand-Up Bags for use with magnetic stirrers, liquid or solid samples, and much more.

For use in temperatures from -346 ℉ (-210 ℃) up to +180 ℉ (+82 ℃).

Whirl-Pack Stand-Up Bags make sample handling and testing much easier.  Simply insert your liquid sample and chosen stirring bar.  The bag will stand completely by itself.  When the sample and a stirring bar are placed inside, the special gusseted bottom flattens out, allowing the bag to stand up on the stirring platform.

The bags work just like a beaker or bottle, with a fraction of the cost.  Plus, the bags are sterlized, won't break, and take up less storage space.

Available in 8 Standard Bag Sizes: 118 ml (4 0z); 532 ml (18 oz); 710 ml (24 oz); 798 ml (27 oz); 1,065 ml (36 oz); 1,242 ml (42 oz); 2,041 ml (69 oz); 4,080 ml (138 oz).